Thursday, February 18, 2010

Safari Adventure with Nana & Poppa

Nana & Poppa planned a fun "Safari Adventure" for Mallory today. They glued 2 toilet paper rolls together to make binoculars. (Mallory couldn't quite figure out how to use the binoculars. She kept putting them on her forehead and looking out from below them!) They had 17 pictures of different animals, which they hid through out the house. Mallory found all 17 animals each of the 3 times they hid them. Then, for the big challenge, they used a flashlight and played in the dark. Mallory found 15 of the 17 in the dark! Way to go my little 22 month old!

Using the Magnifying Glass.

She hasn't quite figured out the placement of the binoculars yet (they're on her forehead instead of her eyes).

There, she figured it out!

Good job, my little Peanut!

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