Monday, March 19, 2007

Baby Raines is on the way!

It's official...We're going to have a BABY!

Can you believe it?!?! After all this time together, Andy and I are finally ready. Well, I wouldn't go so far as to say "ready," but we're willing!

We're ONLY 5 weeks (and 2 days) pregnant right now, so it's very early in the game. We can't wait to meet our very own Baby Raines. 8 1/2 months seems so far away!

This is my first journal...I'm not sure what to write about, but I'm sure it will get better as I do it more!


Sunday, March 18, 2007

A Positive Pregnancy Test

How we found out:

My friend, Heather Ritchie called me on Friday, March 2nd, to inform me she was expecting. I was so excited for her. I talked to her about how I was getting impatient waiting to start trying to have a baby. She explained that a pregnancy test can be positive with just a very very faint line and encouraged me to take another pregnancy test.

That I did. The next day was Charity Ball. I definately didn't want to have a drink if I could be pregnant, so I took another pregnancy test that morning. The line was so faint I needed a 2nd opinion. Andy confirmed it was there, but the line was so faint you could hardly see it. Could I REALLY be pregnant? If so, when could we possibly have conceived? It was hard to tell. And, will the prescription I was taking affect the health of the baby?

I spoke with someone from the Dr's office on March 8th, who told me to come in for bloodwork. This was the 3rd round of bloodwork they had gathered in the past 3 weeks. The nurse confirmed it....I AM pregnant!

We were so excited, we just couldn't contain ourselves. We invited our parents over for dinner that evening to announce the news. Read the next blog to find out how...

Breaking the News

Telling our friends and family has been so fun! Here's how we told our parents...

We invited the Raines and the Yeands over for dinner on Thursday, March 8th. They had NO idea we were even trying to conceive, so they didn't think anything about it when we invited them to dinner. Andy grilled ribeyes and I made the veggies.

As we were sitting at the dinner table enjoying conversation, I mentioned that Andy and I had been talking about getting another dog. (That was Andy's cue to chime in.) Then, Andy informed our parents we almost got a miniature pincher, but decided it would be too much with a baby on the way.

Their reaction was priceless! They didn't know if we were serious or joking around. They all sat there for a moment processing the words Andy so nonchalantly spoke. Then, when I began to smile, it hit mom. She started screaming and cheering. She was so excited. I think her reaction was "finally!" Melanie was so overcome with excitement she began to cry. This was definitely cause for a celebration, so both grandma's-to-be had a glass of wine to celebrate! Of course, our fathers were just as excited. They were already planning for Baby Raines' arrival.

It was the BEST night ever. Our parents are going to be WONDERFUL grandparents!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The Heartbeat

I just got back from my 2nd ultrasound this morning. We heard the HEARTBEAT for the first time!!! It was so exciting...The Women's Pavillion is my new favorite place!

The heartbeat was fascinating, and Dr Toler told me I can relax -- a LOT -- after hearing the heartbeat. I even got to take home 2 pictures. I'm 6 weeks today.....Baby Raines has grown to the astronomical size of a pea!